Saturday, March 15, 2008

Five weeks

Where does the time go? Everything is changing so quickly. Friday, Jack was five weeks old and suddenly, it was like he was a completely different baby. A crankier baby, to be sure, but when he's not crying, he's more alert, he's aware, he really sees things. He can hold his head up almost all the time (which makes it more frightening when it flops down), and he's taken a sudden interest in his toys. He can't really do anything yet, but he wants to, and sometimes, his inability to do anything seems to frustrate him.

He's also, I think, just starting to really smile. Sometimes it's still reflexive, but other times, I'm sure, absolutely sure, that it's a real smile. Either way, it's adorable. He gets bigger all the time -- he's up to eleven pounds now (or was on Thursday) and has begun to outgrow some of his earliest clothes.

One thing hasn't changed, though. He still behaves much more sweetly when there's a grandmother in the house. The moment a grandmother pulls into the driveway, he stops crying or falls into an instant sleep. It's like magic.


Furrow said...

He looks so alert and grown up! What is it about grandparents? Z had multiple personalities, as well. Actually, the less related a person was, the better she behaved.

For me, things started getting SO much better at about 5 or 6 weeks. Now the fun really begins.

Anonymous said...

He is so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!